Sugar Land Professional Teeth Whitening for the New Year

524227687Is a whiter smile on your list of resolutions? Your teeth can stain and discolor over time naturally. But you don’t have to live with less than bright white teeth. Dr. Davey has a quick and easy whitening solution. You can start checking off your list of resolutions, by making an appointment with Dr. Davey today for your New Year’s teeth whitening appointment. Dr. Davey is an experienced cosmetic dentist.  Texas Got Smile proudly serves patients daily throughout Sugar Land, TX, Houston, Richmond, Katy, and the surrounding communities.

What Are Your Teeth Whitening Choices?

Your first thought may be to use a teeth whitening toothpaste. However, teeth whitening toothpastes don’t contain the necessary bleaching ingredients to whiten your teeth. They can only gently polish away the shallow surface stains acquired during the day. Or, you may be tempted to try one of the many over-the-counter teeth whitening products that claim to instantly whiten your teeth. These may come as whitening strips, rinses, or trays. However, getting any significant results from these products can take several weeks of daily use. In addition, many of these products can cause irritation and inflammation in sensitive teeth and gums. The best option is to visit a dentist for professional teeth whitening. Dr. Davey’s professional strength teeth whitening products safely, but effectively, whiten teeth up to ten shades in just one short visit. Texas Got Smile also offers take-home teeth whitening trays that you can conveniently use at your leisure.

Sugar Land Teeth Whitening Appointments

The results from professional teeth whitening will last longer than any other method. If bleaching won’t work on your teeth because of staining under the enamel, Dr. Davey can offer alternatives like porcelain veneers or dental bonding. Either way, Texas Got Smile will make sure that you’re more than satisfied with your teeth whitening treatment. Make your professional teeth whitening appointment with Dr. Davey today for a new smile in the New Year. Dr. Davey and his highly qualified team at Texas Got Smile deliver reliable teeth whitening results.  Texas Got Smile proudly serves families daily throughout Sugar Land, TX, Houston, Richmond, Katy, and nearby areas.

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