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Neuromuscular & Restorative Dentistry in Sugar Land

Your smile instantly portrays your personality, confidence, and how you feel about yourself and the other people around you. The physical function and anatomical arrangement of teeth not only determine a beautiful smile in perfect balance, these factors influence the structure of the face and even the posture of the body. Neuromuscular dentistry focuses on each component of your smile – teeth, muscles, joints, and nervous system – to promote proper function. When the neuromuscular system is in harmony, a beautiful smile results.

It is estimated that 40-50 million Americans suffer with pain from headaches, pressure around the eyes or jaw, and soreness in the neck, shoulders, or back. If you are one of the many Americans who have these symptoms, they may be caused from jaw misalignment. When the jaw is out of alignment, muscles in the neck and shoulder try to compensate, causing pain and headaches that cannot be relieved until the jaw is realigned.

As LVI dentists, Dr. Davey have the skill and training to restore your oral health and refresh your smile. Based on the principles of neuromuscular dentistry, the doctor will identify and address any occlusal problems (issues about how the upper and lower teeth fit together) to reduce wear and tear on your teeth. Then, he’ll recommend options to repair worn, decayed, or broken teeth. From TMJ therapy to neuromuscular dentures to dental implants, our restorative and neuromuscular dentistry services will give you a lifetime of healthy, attractive smiles.

Discover the benefits of our restorative and neuromuscular dentistry solutions:

Symptoms of a bad bite and jaw misalignment include:

For cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, or neuromuscular dentistry to relieve headaches and pain, our expert team will provide an exceptional level of service and care. Call our Sugar Land, TX dental office today for your comprehensive examination and consultation with Dr. Davey. We welcome residents of Sugar Land, Houston, Katy, Richmond, and the surrounding areas.

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