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TMJ Therapy in Sugar Land

Do you have a clicking, popping jaw? If so, listen closely -- that’s your TMJ trying to tell you something. The temporomandibular joint is a complex network of muscles and tendons that allows your jaw to open and close. Stress or injury here leads to serious discomfort, including migraine headaches and pain in the head, neck, and ears. But there is good news. Dr. Davey provides TMJ therapy in Sugar Land with neuromuscular dentistry.

What Causes a Dysfunctioning TMJ

A number of factors can throw the TMJ out of its proper alignment, and identifying what caused your TMJ to dysfunction may not be easy. NIghttime teeth grinding may contribute to or occur as a result of TMJ/TMD. Facial trauma, like a blow to the face, can injure the TMJ. People who frequently clench their jaw due to stress may experience TMJ/TMD.

The condition occurs slightly more frequently in women than men, and people who have arthritis are also more likely to experience TMJ/TMD.

Symptoms of the jaw condition include…

It is important that you seek treatment for TMJ/TMD as soon as you suspect you have a problem. When ignored, the condition continues to worsen and eventually causes extreme pain when eating, speaking, and drinking -- not to mention more frequent and intense headaches and facial, ear, and neck pain. Teeth are also more likely to chip or wear down due to constant pressure from the clenched jaw.

Either before or alongside professional TMJ/TMD therapy, you may want to try certain lifestyle changes that can reduce stress for a healthier jaw. Adopting mediation, vigorous exercise, and talk therapy are all effective methods for reducing stress and anxiety. Alternating application of a warm and cold compress on the jaw before sleep can also reduce the occurrence of nighttime jaw clenching and teeth grinding.

Neuromuscular Dentistry for Treating TMJ/TMD

Dr. Davey treats TMJ/TMD evidenced by a clicking, popping jaw, teeth grinding and jaw clenching with neuromuscular dentistry. After examining the natural alignment of your jaw muscles in relation to your upper and lower teeth, and identifying where your bite should fall, Dr. Davey can provide a truly comprehensive approach to treating your TMJ/TMD.

Neuromuscular dentistry uses K7 and TENS technology as well as electromyography and sonography to identify the source of your jaw problems and put together an effective treatment plan to correct your TMJ/TMD and help you regain your pain-free, productive life once again.

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With significant study at and continued involvement with the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dentistry, Dr. Davey continues to stay attuned to the latest methods and approaches for treating TMJ/TMD. For relief from an aching jaw in Sugar Land, there’s no better place to turn than Texas Got Smile. We invite you to schedule an appointment today!

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