Straighten Up with Invisalign Clear Braces

Are you dissatisfied with your crooked smile but don’t want to go through the embarrassment of wearing braces? Invisalign is a discreet solution to your smile problem. This is a clear braces solution that allows Sugar Land, Houston, Richmond and Katy residents to straighten their smile without adding metal to their appearance.

Invisalign works by taking a 3D image of your smile and using that as the basis for your treatment plan. Special sets of aligner trays will be generated using this image. You’ll switch out aligners approximately every two weeks, watching your smile gradually straighten over time. Generally, your Invisalign treatment will be complete in about a year, but everyone’s smile is different.

If you’re a professional living in Sugar Land, Houston, Richmond or Katy, this treatment will be especially interesting to you. Invisalign is practically invisible, making it simple for you to improve your smile without detracting from your professional image.

Since your braces will be made from smooth plastic as opposed to metal and wire, there’s nothing to irritate your mouth. Your trays are removable, making for easy cleaning and no bothersome food restrictions. You can even remove them for a special event or important photographs.

If you’re unhappy with your smile but are even more unhappy about the thought of wearing braces, Invisalign could be right for you. This is a great way to discretely straighten your teeth without calling attention to the process. Call your Sugar Land, Houston, Richmond, or Katy dentist to learn more about clear braces and see if they’re the right fit for your teeth.


Cosmetic Dentistry in the Houston Area

Cosmetic Dentistry in the Houston AreaAre you dissatisfied with your smile? Revitalize your smile with a cosmetic dentistry treatment from a Sugar Land, Houston, Richmond, or Katy dentist. Cosmetic dentistry is a general term used to describe any procedure that improves the appearance of your smile. A wide variety of procedures fall under this umbrella.

Some dentists break down cosmetic dentistry procedures into aesthetic and reconstructive treatments. Aesthetic treatments include porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, tooth-colored crowns, fillings and Invisalign. These focus on improving the color, shaping and spacing of your teeth. They also help to hide cracks and chips. Invisalign is a clear braces solution that helps to straighten your teeth without the unsightly appearance of traditional braces. Reconstructive treatments include bridges or dental implants, and are focused on replacing your missing or damaged teeth in an attractive, natural looking way.

If you live in Sugar Land, Houston, Richmond, or Katy, there are a lot of dentists available for you to choose. It’s important to choose wisely, especially if you’re interested in cosmetic dentistry procedures. Since cosmetic dentistry deals with the physical appearance of your teeth, it is important to make sure that you’re satisfied with the quality of the work.

No matter what issues or concerns you might have with your smile, there is a cosmetic dentistry solution available to improve your smile and your life. Everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile that fills them with pride.

Cosmetic dentistry is a great way to improve the appearance of your smile. Call your Sugar Land, Houston, Richmond, or Katy dentist to learn more and schedule a consultation. Don’t wait, take steps to improve your smile today.

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