What is Preventative Dentistry?

81264673If you prefer to save money and avoid pain, then you should be a fan of preventative dentistry. The goal of preventative dentistry is to keep your teeth and gums healthy so that costly and uncomfortable restorative procedures never become necessary. Some people may think that if they don’t feel any pain or see any irritation, they don’t need to see a dentist, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Sometimes tooth decay and gum disease can advance without any pain or obvious physical indicators. But this doesn’t mean that they’re not present. When you first start to notice pain, sensitivity and bleeding in your teeth and gums, it’s a sign that you have waited too long to see a dentist. Don’t wait for a dental emergency to start taking care of your teeth. Maintain a healthy smile by making an appointment with Dr. Davey today. Dr. Davey and his experienced team at Texas Got Smile specialize in preventative dentistry and proudly serve patients throughout Sugar Land, TX, Houston, Richmond, Katy and surrounding communities.

Preventative Dentistry Procedures

  • Dental Exam and X-Ray– If you skip your regular dental visits, you may not be aware of dental problems until they have already caused significant damage.
  • Professional Dental Cleaning– Professional cleanings are needed to remove hardened plaque and stains to prevent gum disease, as well as to check for signs of tooth decay.
  • Flouride Treatment/ Dental Sealants– Fluoride treatments and dental sealants can protect your teeth from developing any cavities.
  • Oral Cancer Screening– Oral cancer treatment is most successful when the cancer is found in the early stages. Since oral cancer can be painless, it’s important to be screened regularly for abnormalities in and around the mouth.

Preventative Dentistry Appointments in Sugarland, TX

The American Dental Association recommends that we all see the dentist a minimum of twice per year for professional dental cleanings and tooth decay and gum disease prevention. Following this recommendation is the easiest way to stop dental disease in its earliest stages. Being proactive with you dental care can protect your smile and limit your dental care expenses. Make an appointment with Dr. Davey at Texas Got Smile for your preventative dentistry needs today. Dr. Davey restores smiles daily throughout Sugar Land, TX, Houston, Richmond, Katy and surrounding areas.

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